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Markham, Ontario

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Our Montessori classrooms provide specially enriched surroundings in which each child progresses according to their individual interests and readiness. The knowledge gained in previous years is expanded on, as each young learner is prepared for the day he/she will graduate from our centre. In addition to the regular curriculum, we offer French language instruction and Music as enrichment programs. Intensely fascinated with the joy of learning, our graduates are well prepared to excel in any educational setting.

(18 months to 2.5 years) 

Our Toddler program is uniquely prepared to meet the young child's many physical and emotional needs. The classroom is beautifully designed to appeal to the child's curiosity and is carefully prepared as a natural extension to the child's home.

THE ENVIRONMENT  The environment is set up for the child. The shelves are placed at the child's level filled with Practical Life and Sensorial activities. These activities develop the child's fine motor skills, concentration, eye and hand co-ordination, dimensions and self-help skills. They also encourage language for different sizes of materials, colours, textures etc. In addition, these materials tap into the child's heightened sense for smell, taste and touch. It is through these senses that children experience their environment.

PHILOSOPHY  The basic foundation of Montessori education is building independence in the child. Therefore, the program credo is "I can do it myself.” In an effort to achieve this goal, we let the child complete simple tasks like eating with utensils on their own, making efforts to dress themselves; shoes, jacket etc.

DAILY SCHEDULE  Each day provides a balance of quiet and active growth-oriented activities, as well as time for eating, snacking, napping and outdoor play. Our daily cognitive circle introduces themes and encourages singing and movement. Some activities take place in groups, while others are individual.

TOILET TRAINING  With parents' full support, we will assist in the toilet training process to prepare the child for their transition to our CASA Programs.

(3 to 6 years) 

Our CASA Program is based on the Montessori philosophy which strives to provide each child with an environment in which they develop essential learning habits to be successful future students. This prepares them for the challenges of the future school years. The children explore various areas of study, absorb independent learning, and develop self-esteem and leadership with age appropriate activities.

PRACTICAL LIFE EXERCISES  The exercises of "Practical Life" are the foundation of a Montessori environment, which allows the child to develop control and coordination of movement, awareness of their environment, orderly thought patterns, independent work habits and responsibility. The direct aim of these exercises is to master self-help skills and to build confidence and independence. The indirect aim is to improve and refine the fine motor skills of the hand and arm muscles in preparation for writing skills.

SENSORIAL EXERCISES  These exercises aid the development and refinement of the senses by providing organized opportunities for contact with the environment. Through the isolation of the senses, a refinement of the senses can be developed. Sensorial discrimination leads from the concrete to the abstract and is a preparation for the intellectual and the logical mind.

LANGUAGES  Language is taught phonetically using materials which increase vocabulary, development of visual perception and correction of pronunciation. Once a child has mastered all of the alphabet, we can begin to compose and build words in steps, finally achieving reading and writing skills. In addition to English, the children will have French one hour per week, which will enhance the child’s receptive and expressive communication skills.

MATH  Children are introduced to basic math functions through concrete materials. Gradually as the child absorbs the concepts, simple computations are introduced in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math is introduced using games like - "snake game, bank game" so that the child learns math concepts without realizing it. The child's learning is truly effortless! 

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES  Cultural subjects encompass Art, Geography and Social Sciences through indoor and outdoor activities, individually and in groups. This builds self-awareness with an introduction to the community and environment around them. A music specialist teaches the children appreciation of music and rhythm with simple percussion instruments once a week.